Underwriting Virtual Inspection Service

Underwriting Virtual Inspection Service

Better answers. More certainty. Improved satisfaction.

EagleView Underwriting Virtual Inspection delivers a 360-degree view of a property along with physically verifiable data extracted by machine learning algorithms. This detailed, accurate information is delivered directly to your underwriting platform and offers:

  • Better Answers: Decrease processing time by up to 60 days
  • More Certainty: Reduce the number of misquotes with accurate risk assessment
  • Improved Satisfaction: Keep agents and policyholders happy

360-degree Property View

Underwriting Virtual Inspection Service

Better Answers. More Certainty. Improved Satisfaction. 

Features of the EagleView Underwriting Virtual Inspection Service include:

Ultra-High-Resolution Aerial ImageryUltra-High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Ultra-high-resolution, 360-degree property views reveal fine property details and expose risk factors that can’t be seen from the street, such as pools, trampolines, and solar panels.


Machine LearningMachine Learning

Machine learning algorithms extract data objectively and consistently from imagery to eliminate human subjectivity. This process provides an unbiased and uniform methodology to make reliable and consistent decisions.


National ScaleNational Scale

Aerial imagery and property data is updated annually with the most current data.


Content DeliveryContent Delivery

Users can integrate imagery and property data directly into agent, underwriting, and other technology platforms so that answers are right where you need them.


6 Data AttributesDelivery of 6 Data Attributes

Underwriters receive accurate answers for key property attributes without a site visit. These attributes include:

  • Roof Condition: General overall repair of the roof
  • Roof Material: Predominant material on the outermost layer of the roof
  • Roof Type: Shape of the roof
  • Tree Overhang: Presence and extent of a tree canopy projecting over the structure
  • Solar: Presence or absence of solar panels Solar Panels
  • Pool: Presence or absence of a pool


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