EagleView App

EagleView App

Order and view detailed property measurements on the go

Need a simpler way to bid and plan for jobs?

The new, easy-to-use EagleView App lets you order EagleView measurements anytime, anywhere.

The EagleView App enables you to see property measurements on the go, explore 3D visualizations of the property, and access job planning resources—all from your Android or iOS device.

Use the EagleView App to:

Review detailed measurements
  • Easily order any EagleView measurements, including PremiumReport™ and QuickSquares™
  • Review all the measurements you need at a glance
  • Download detailed measurements in PDF format for faster estimates
  • Access Suggested Waste Factor unique to each roof
View the property
  • View high-resolution imagery of the property
  • Explore an interactive 3D visualization of the property—pinch, expand, rotate, tap
  • Add roofing and siding materials to the visualizer during sales presentations
  • Show a 3D model of the property anywhere using augmented reality
Stay organized
  • Automatically generate quotes with measurement orders in seconds
  • Upload user-generated images of the property to keep project planning in one spot
  • Access the app dashboard to view past measurement orders and status updates



  • Generate a quote with your EagleView measurement order in seconds
  • Establish base prices per square based on your low-end to high-end estimates
  • Customize cost of labor based on roof difficulty
  • Set your average expected waste factor
  • Add any other flat rate costs, such as removal fees, vents, and skylights

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You can still order and manage EagleView measurements on the web by logging into your EagleView account.

EagleView App

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