EagleView App

EagleView App

Order and view detailed roof measurements on the go

Need a simpler way to bid and plan for jobs?

The new, easy-to-use EagleView App lets you order EagleView reports anytime, anywhere.

The new app lets you see property measurements on the go, view report status easily, and upload and annotate your own photos of the job site—all from your smartphone.

Use the EagleView App to:

  • Easily order any EagleView report, including PremiumReport™ and QuickSquares™
  • Quickly see key measurements at a glance in the app
  • Upload additional property photos and add notes and annotations
  • Manage your orders in a simplified dashboard
  • Bring EagleView measurements to every bid: reports delivered right to the app!

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You can still order and manage your reports on the web app by logging into your EagleView account.

EagleView App

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