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Wall Report

Order standalone residential wall measurements or bundle them with another report

Support for siding replacements and exterior wall repairs

Residential contractors sometimes need information about a property that goes beyond the roof.

For those times, EagleView offers wall measurements in the form of Wall Reports and WallsLite™ Reports. These wall measurement products, which include 3D wall area diagrams, are available for residential structures. They can be ordered on their own or added to another EagleView measurement report, such as a PremiumReport™ or ClaimsReady™ Report.

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Walls measurements are an added value to PremiumReports for jobs funded by homeowners insurance carriers.

Wall Measurements for Property Insurance Claims

For residential contractors working on reroofing projects paid through the homeowner’s insurance, carriers frequently request wall measurements in addition to roof measurements. When the replacement is due to storm damage, estimates for paint or siding replacements may be especially critical, and EagleView can save contractors that extra field visit.


Wall Reports

EagleView Wall Reports are based on the same high-quality aerial imagery as our roof measurements. They deliver line lengths, door and window cutouts, and total surface area for each wall. There is a bundled price discount for when Wall reports are ordered at the same time as the PremiumReport.

Wall Reports are designed to be easy to use and understand, and the front page provides at-a-glance details. Additional information in the report includes:

  • 3D wall area diagrams
  • Window and door cutout measurements and diagrams
  • Four elevation diagrams of the north, south, east, and west walls
  • A summary page with a wall area waste calculation table

Wall Reports should be confirmed with field measurements, but contractors can rely on our Satisfaction Guarantee.


Wall Report Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Residential $70 $65 $60 Call for pricing.

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