Speed up workflow during a preliminary bid

The QuickSquares™ Report from EagleView is designed for roofers who need a rough estimate for a preliminary bid.

With its fast delivery time, the QuickSquares Report gives roofing contractors the information they need to be the first to bid on a project for a single-family or multi-family home. Roofing contractors can learn the approximate square footage and predominant pitch of a residential roof and up to one detached garage within about one hour of placing an order for a QuickSquares Report.

The QuickSquares Report includes:

  • A high-resolution aerial image of the property
  • An outline of the measured area
  • An optional cover page roofers can customize with their company logo
  • A link to upgrade to a discounted PremiumReport to receive additional imagery and comprehensive roof measurements

Get the information you need to bid fast.

Why Order a QuickSquares Report?

The roof measurements in a QuickSquares Report are a lower-priced option ideal for situations when:

  • The job is competitive and requires a fast estimate
  • Customers aren’t yet ready for a detailed bid
  • A sales team wants to quickly canvas a residential neighborhood

Based on the same high-quality aerial imagery used in the EagleView PremiumReport™, the QuickSquares Report can speed up the bidding process. Roofers can upgrade to a PremiumReport once a more detailed bid is needed. When upgrading, the initial cost of the QuickSquares Report is deducted from the price of the PremiumReport.


QuickSquares Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Residential $18 $18 $18 Call for pricing.
Multi-family $36 $36 $36 Call for pricing.

QuickSquares Reports for Single-family Properties

A QuickSquares Report is ideal for residential roofs that are fairly simple in structure. When contractors order a QuickSquares Report at the outset of each job, they can keep a record of the bids made for roofing and reroofing jobs on single-family properties.



Prepay and Save

Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans offer savings if you can forsee how many reports you intend to order. Enter a monthly or yearly payment amount.

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