SunSite Complete

SunSite Complete

Fast, accurate way to determine solar availability

We Standardize Shade.

SunSite Complete is the fast, accurate way to determine solar availability through an objective solar access calculation.


Solar Access Values

Our solar access values are automated, requiring no manual user input and derived from high-resolution aerial imagery.

Roof Measurements

With EagleView roof measurements, solar professionals can eliminate site visits, reduce change orders, and save hours of drawing time. Property measurements are derived from high-resolution aerial imagery and delivered in a simple report.

Measurements include:
  • Area
  • Pitch
  • Azimuth
  • Tilt
  • Obstructions

Enable workflow efficiencies at every stage of a solar project’s life cycle


Why SunSite Complete?

For Solar Sales

Provides information up front for an accurate project proposal: Instills confidence in a prospect’s decision to switch to solar and enables sales to shift focus on selling and closing more deals.

For Solar Designers/Operations

Delivers values and measurements needed to design a system: Enables quicker and more accurate system design at the module level and streamlines design workflow from proposal to system design.

For Solar Financiers

Verifies production and quickly estimates a project’s true value: Accurately estimates return on investment and improves contract turnaround time.

Enable Workflow Efficiencies

Improve productivity at every stage of a solar project’s life cycle:

  • Powerful information at project proposal
  • Accuracy in system design
  • Efficiency in system production
  • Reveals a project’s true return on investment

Who else needs to know?

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