Solar panels on the roofs of several suburban homes in a sunny cul-de-sac.


Precise roof measurements and diagrams to assist solar PV system installers

Plan and design solar PV systems


The EagleView SunSite™ Report delivers precise roof measurements and 3D models designed to meet the needs of solar installers and designers at multiple stages of a photovoltaic (PV) project.

The SunSite Report derives data from high-resolution Pictometry® aerial imagery, offering far greater accuracy than satellite images can provide. Trusted by national and key regional installers, EagleView measurements not only provide reliable data for both enterprise and smaller residential installers but save hours out of the workflow for each project.

EagleView’s Accuracy Guarantee for SunSite measurements delivers one more level of confidence for the success for a solar PV system design.

An example of roof length measurements and annotations of penetrations on a residential roof.

Add critical remote measurement data from SunSite to the workflow of any PV installation

SunSite Reports help solar installation professionals in phases such as:

  • Proposal
  • Letter of Intent
  • Design & Permitting
  • Financing
  • Operations & Management (O&M)


A residential neighborhood with solar panels on the roofs of each home.

As with the EagleView PremiumReport, the SunSite Report includes orthogonal and oblique aerial imagery as well as comprehensive roof measurements and diagrams and is available for both residential and commercial properties. Other features include:

  • Rafter length
  • Azimuth
  • Roof area and pitch diagrams
  • Roof penetration locations
  • A grid diagram

With a SunSite Report, designers can communicate precise specifications and maximize placement and solar PV panel performance. SunSite Reports include DXF or JSON formats that easily import into popular design products, such as AutoCAD®, SketchUp, and Solar Design Tool, for an even faster, more efficient workflow.

Solar Financing Companies

Due to the fast-growing and popular business models of residential leases and power purchase agreements, financing companies benefit from the reliable accuracy of SunSite Reports to confirm structure measurements.

Operations & Management

Third party O&M companies can incorporate SunSite measurements into their files and documentation process as a baseline since typical maintenance schedules could span decades beyond the original homeowners’ time in the residence.


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