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This powerful, web-based tool is customized for the assessment community and provides an analysis platform for reviewing results from a ChangeFinder™ project.

CONNECTAssessment™ combines the CONNECT™ workflow with change analysis data into one software platform for enhanced results when conducting methodical assessment and valuation of structures.

See how CONNECTAssessment can improve your workflow

  • Facilitate fair and equitable assessments by using ChangeFinder results to identify parcel changes
  • View building outlines and change analysis data in the ChangeFinder data layer with the contextual background of the aerial imagery
  • Compare building outlines for recent and historical imagery using dual-pane analysis

Discover More

With CONNECTAssessment, users can discover previously unassessed (omitted) property, which can translate to increased tax revenue. When needed, they can designate properties for field inspection or further analysis. Managing permissions and GIS content for CONNECTAssessment is easy with our CONNECTAdmin application.


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