Accurate intelligence for emergency situations

Critical360® is a professional interior mapping service offering that connects Pictometry® imagery users to a comprehensive resource of visually organized interior and exterior building and property information

From public safety and emergency responders to operations, administrative, and facility management professionals, Critical360 users of all kinds can quickly, easily, and intuitively view up-to-date locational information. The interior imagery in Critical360 is precisely georeferenced to a building’s 3D floor map to enhance situational awareness in any setting.

Critical360 indoor mapping technology powers searches, queries, and the location availability for critical resources and structural details. With accurate floor plans pre-generated by professional technicians, Critical360 provides 360-degree panoramic images of building interiors. When combined with Pictometry georeferenced aerial imagery, the power of Critical360 can help save lives.

Discover how Critical360 can improve your situational awareness

With the interior mapping and 3D modeling capabilities of Critical360, users have to ability to:

  • Understand the incident location and surrounding area
  • Display GIS layers
  • Locate nearby resources
  • Search detailed 3D floor plans by building/floor/room
  • Calculate distance and height measurements on building interior and exterior images
  • Navigate through the building floor plan and from image to image
  • View high-resolution 360-degree imagery of every room

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