Electronic Field Study

View imagery offline right from the desktop

Offline imagery solutions for critical environments

Electronic Field Study (EFS) is the original desktop solution for viewing and interacting with EagleView imagery.

EFS translates complex geospatial imagery and information into useful visual data using five pre-defined views and an array of easy-to-use navigational tools.


Discover how Electronic Field Study can improve your workflow

Features of Electronic Field Study:

  • Interfaces with a wide variety of 9-1-1 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems
  • Provides security through a local image library
  • Is ideal for public safety environments or users who require a secure backup for their imagery

Electronic Field Study (EFS) was the original imagery viewing platform.

Our very first imagery customers used this powerful application. Among them was Arlington County, Virginia, which used the images following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

This unique desktop solution was designed to allow users to measure distances and heights from a single image at a time when the industry standard required two or more overlapping images to find vertical measurements. Today EFS is used in 9-1-1 centers and other critical environments on a daily basis.


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