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Orthogonal Imagery

A true top-down view

Add a visual layer to your map

Orthogonal imagery provides a true top-down view and is rectified to align to a map grid.

This nadir imagery solution easily integrates into your GIS data for a comprehensive understanding of properties, land features, local topography, and more.

Orthogonal Imagery - Building Lean

AccuPLUS® Imagery

  • Delivers authoritative, seamless orthomosaics in conjunction with our expansive, data-rich oblique and orthogonal image library
  • Complies with positional accuracy requirements for authoritative mapping projects, provide maximum clarity and expose details otherwise obscured by atmospheric degradation
  • Meets USGS Requirements
  • Contains less building and feature lean versus traditional large format mapping
  • Is captured simultaneously with oblique datasets, so they maintain a consistent appearance


Three- or Four-band Imagery Options

Three-Band Imagery

  • Offers three bands of standard RGB color.
  • Add-on feature to our AccuPLUS and orthogonal-only imagery solutions.

Four-Band Imagery

  • Offers four bands of color: the standard RGB as well as near-infrared images, which support visual identification for impervious surface mapping, vegetation inventory, wetland delineation, and crop and timber inventory.
  • Add-on feature to our AccuPLUS and orthogonal-only imagery solutions.


Pictometry high-resolution orthogonal imagery


Access Technology

This provides visual intelligence and analytical tools delivered in the time frame needed for success. EagleView is one of the only providers of essential pre- and post-event imagery delivered on your timeline. Access Technology allows response teams to assess and plan time-sensitive strategies in disaster or non-disaster scenarios from their desktop, saving critical time when it is needed most.


Post-event imagery is available through our cloud-based CONNECTExplorer solution within two to three days of the event to assist in damage evaluation and recovery.


Imagery is captured, processed, and delivered after an expedited quality assurance check in 10 to 14 days.

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