Highly accurate remote sensing and terrain mapping derived from Pictometry high-resolution aerial imagery.

Specialized Mapping

​Highly accurate remote sensing and terrain mapping

LiDAR, corridor mapping, and 3D models

For some workflows, standard orthogonal and oblique imagery isn’t enough.

LiDAR datasets can help your organization gain valuable information about terrain and other land-based features through remote sensing technologies. From those datasets, 3D models can be created to give urban planners, emergency management teams, and other agencies get a comprehensive view of an environment.


Highly accurate Pictometry aerial imagery provides an up-to-date visual verification of field information and delivers the answers needed to move utility and infrastructure projects forward.

When asset monitoring, vegetation management, and potential expansions present concerns, corridor mapping is a viable answer. The corridor image capture solution brings the same benefits of wide-area imagery while showing only the necessary details.

Unique industries need innovative solutions to get the information they need. See how our specialized imagery and data solutions can help your agency solve problems and find the answers it needs.


LidAR Mapping Solutions

We rapidly collect dense, accurate datasets and produce a full suite of terrain mapping products to meet your mapping and modeling requirements. For planning, analyzing, or managing emergency response, LiDAR mapping solutions provide high-accuracy remote sensing and terrain mapping. Datasets are collected at several different point density and accuracy levels to suit a variety of requirements and deliverable options.




EagleView delivers real 3D® city models that provide a remarkable sense of realism for any project. Derived from the most up-to-date high-resolution, aerial oblique imagery, EagleView 3D models are a must-have for any project requiring precise communication and understanding.

3D Models are ideal for:

  • Urban growth management, planning, and development
  • Emergency planning and management for high-profile events
  • Effective public presentations
  • Tourism and marketing tours featuring flight simulation
  • Subsurface infrastructure engineering studies
  • Terrain analysis with ortho-draped surface modeling


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