Aerial Measurements Shown to Increase C-SAT

Every day, the news announces another weather catastrophe that requires timely response and delivery from both insurance carrier and adjusters. One company is playing a major role in providing aerial measurement tools that increase Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) with ground breaking technology from the sky.

An example of roof length measurements and annotations of penetrations on a residential roof.

EagleView has revolutionized both the insurance and roofing industries with aerial roof measurement software that generates 96% accurate roof measurement reports. In the case of severe storm and catastrophe activity, it has been shown that there is a relationship between response time and C-SAT. The ability to deliver roofing reports within a very short time following a storm has created an overall shift in how roofing claims are handled.

Recently, a major insurance carrier proposed a series of adjuster test claims using aerial measurement technology from EagleView. The company requested roof measurement reports to help determine if they would help increase response time in a Catastrophic (CAT) related environment.

The insurance client ordered reports in bulk, simulating the same needs that would be experienced in a typical catastrophic event. The process was accomplished using bulk order technology offered by EagleView who was able to receive daily orders of addresses in bulk from the carrier’s CAT team in quantities of 100 to 1,000 addresses and higher.

EagleView responded promptly on each claim with notification of acceptable images for each property claim. Orders with images available were sent directly into production for completion within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) as agreed for the “adjuster test.” Claim addresses with incomplete images were sent back to client for further verification. Any addresses that were not available were communicated to the client and those claims were measured manually by the adjusters. EagleView sent the completed reports back to the CAT team well within the agreed SLA time line providing essential on-time delivery. The CAT adjusting team was able to close claims faster.

In earlier testing, EagleView reports were also found to offer the highest accuracy. A major national insurance carrier engaged EagleView to run a pilot program to provide EagleView reports for their claims to determine the accuracy of EagleView roof measurement system for the duration of one month. A pilot was run on 1,291 homes that ranged from 1,200 to 6,900 square feet each. Before the EagleView test, on average, the client’s measurements were off by up to 9%. After one month of testing, EagleView’s Accuracy Guarantee was proven to be accurate within +/-4%.

EagleView measurement diagrams

EagleView measurement diagrams

In evaluating the results, including on-time delivery and accuracy, the insurance carriers found that there was a 40 to 50% increase in adjuster capacity and productivity. This was a key finding in establishing the effectiveness of the reports and increasing productivity. The overall result was a large increase in capacity. EagleView offers unique reporting services for roof measurements that are founded on being a neutral, third party, independent reporting service. It continues to bring an overall change by providing a common way for both industries, insurance and roofing, to receive independent, detailed roofing reports with the same accuracy every time.

The significance of the EagleView reports becomes evident in the all-important C-SAT ratings. Adjusters are able to close claims quickly increasing customer satisfaction. EagleView reports are viewed by insurance clients, and the insured as a valid “third-party, non-biased” report which creates confidence for all involved in the overall process.

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