December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays from EagleView

Many may not know much about Bald Eagles, but when they are young, eagles look extremely different than the adults. Until they are around 4-years of age their feathers are mostly brown with some white specs, their beaks are black, eyes are dark grey and they lack the distinct feather pattern of an adult that makes them so recognizable. The young bald eagle’s primary flight and tail feathers are several inches longer than those of adults, which makes them look larger than a fully mature bird. At the juvenile stage, the birds look so different from their adult counterparts, they are often confused with other birds.

As they transition to adult eagles, the longer “training feathers” are replaced with shorter ones, and they mature and molt. Their tail and head feathers are replaced with identifiable brilliant white feathers and their beaks and eyes turn from black to a bright yellow. At this point, they finally resemble the majestic emblem that we know.

EagleView is proud to have the noble eagle as our corporate icon. Much like our namesake, EagleView is evolving from a young company into a more mature, stronger organization. This year was a year of growth and transition. Like many new companies we faced many economic challenges in 2009; but still had a tremendous year in terms of our development and maturity.

This year we are truly blessed with great customers and business partners. We added several thousand new roofing customers and are happy to report that nearly every one of the top insurance carriers now uses EagleView for roof measurements. Because we listened to you, we greatly enhanced our reporting format by adding key report summary data such as waste factors, rake, and eave measurements. We also completed a very comprehensive integration effort with Xactware® and have already deployed several key clients as part of this offering.

We’ve received some great feedback from our customers and we were encouraged to continue to exceed our own expectations and make our reports even better. We also listened in regard to our services, pricing, and delivery times. We introduced several new pricing plans, all with unlimited rollover points that never expire, and rolled out our prepaid and seasonal plans for customers whose businesses fluctuate over seasonal periods. We worked hard to reduce our turnaround times and introduced a 3-Hour and a next-day guaranteed delivery service. Finally, we introduced our EagleView Total Satisfaction Guarantee which says simply, “if you are not happy with our product for any reason, you will not pay for the report!”

As we look forward to 2010, we will continue to strive to improve every aspect of our products and services. Like the bald eagle, as we grow and mature, we will continue to evolve and our products will get better and look better. We are excited about new features we will be offering this coming year that will make our reports even easier to use and easier to order.

Thanks to your support, we have “raised the bar” on roof measurements and have created a new standard in the roofing and property insurance industries for accuracy, deliverability, and quality. Thank you for your business, thank your feedback, and most of all we thank you for being great EagleView customers.

May God bless you this Holiday Season.

Chris Barrow | CEO EagleView Technologies

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