August 5, 2011

Western Roofing: How to Keep Your Business Growing

Want to know how Petersen Dean grew from three employees in 1984 to become the nation’s largest privately held residential roofing company? By embracing technology and incorporating EagleView reports into their business model.

One look at Petersen Dean might make you reconsider the words tough economy. The company that began in 1984 with three employees is now one of the nation’s largest privately held residential roofing companies with operations in five states including Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas. They continue to grow every year with a majority of their growth being realized in the last three years.

Petersen Dean has positioned itself to become a complete roofing and solar solution provider in the California market according to senior vice president of Solar Solutions, Bill Scott. Technology has played a large role in the company’s success. “We’ve increased efficiency and profitability by embracing technology and services that improve productivity,” said Scott.

One technology that has contributed toward Petersen Dean’s growth is 3D aerial roof measurement and solar reports provided by EagleView® Technologies, Inc. EagleView invented the concept of 3D aerial roof measurements and has quickly become an industry standard in both the roofing and insurance industries. “We use an EagleView report on every single residential job that we sell,” explained Scott. The report provides Petersen Dean with exact roof area, pitch, and square footage on each property. “Our field engineers have almost doubled their output. Before EagleView, they would design maybe three jobs per day and now they are doing five or six designs a day,” explained Scott.

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