October 9, 2009

Imitation is never as good as the Real thing!

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and they are right…sometimes. If it’s a show in Vegas that might be fun, who doesn’t enjoy seeing Elvis, Jack Nicholson, Cher or Dolly Parton. If it’s an EagleView report you want, nothing else can compare.

The other day a customer called to say they were upset about the report received from us. Our sales team asked the customer exactly why they were unhappy. “The pitch was incorrect, the measurements were off and the report just wasn’t good quality”, the caller said. Our salesperson searched our system and explained our 96% accuracy guarantee and our five step quality process to ensure our reports are accurate.

After an exhaustive search, we could not find the caller’s record in our system. We asked the caller to forward the report for our review. We anxiously watched our inbox to receive the report and see how we could correct this situation. When we received the report… to our surprise, it was NOT an EagleView report! Like a bad Wayne Newton impersonator, it was just awful and painful to see. The report wasn’t professional, the pictures were low resolution, the calculations were off and the pitches were inaccurate. This report wasn’t even close to the quality and standards of a “Real” EagleView.

The caller said “Are you sure? I thought I was ordering an EagleView report.” We’re sorry to say, they were duped.

Our reports are the industry standard (we’re very proud of that fact) and this is an example how not all reports are equal. We’ve noticed a few “EagleView Imitators” in the market (we won’t mention names) who try to compare or even trick their customers into ordering their reports. They claim they are comparable to EagleView, but these companies and their reports just don’t measure up.

Beware of these imposters, if you aren’t on www.eagleview.com and don’t see our logo when placing an order, then it’s not EagleView. We pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our reports. Every report goes through a five step quality check and we guarantee our report accuracy or your money back. We also guarantee your report delivery and want to make sure all our customers are completely satisfied with their order and service they receive from us.

If you have received a report from one of these impersonators, send us their report and we’ll do a report comparison for FREE. Contact our sales department for your free comparison. We know you’ll see the difference and understand why EagleView is the only aerial measurements service to trust.

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