November 17, 2009

We’re ready when the time comes

EagleView isn’t all about roofs. Sure, we spend the majority of our time measuring roofs, slaving over a hot computer to make sure our measurements are accurate, dreaming of gables and roof tiles. Sometimes however, it’s about what’s inside the house.

The Howard Hansen Dam in Kent, Washington is at risk of flooding this winter. If it happens, Green River Valley will be flooded, displacing between 35,000 to 60,000 people from their homes. The dam had minor flooding last year, when the odds of any flooding where 1 in 40. This year the odds are 1 in 25, making it far more likely that the dam will not be able to contain the water.

This last weekend, eighteen EagleView employees partnered with Red Cross to prepare for such a disaster, spending their Saturday learning the “Red Cross Ongoing Shelter Preparedness Training.” These shelters would be able to house 6,000 people if such an event occurs.

It was a full day of videos, presentations, and reading aloud, with Red Cross being kind enough to supply pizza, and EagleView supplying doughnuts, (over ten dozen in fact, more doughnuts than anyone would ever try to consume.)

In fact several of the employees have now signed up to volunteer in additional training for other nationwide disasters. So rest assured that the employees at EagleView are about more than just quality products, we’re also about trying to improve quality of life. Even if it means eating 25 doughnuts on a day off to learn how to do it.

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