September 5, 2019

After Hurricane Dorian, EagleView is here

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the North Carolina coast on Friday morning, September 6, causing major storm surges and dangerous winds throughout the areas. As the storm rapidly moves away from the U.S. coast and back into the Atlantic, know that we are staged and ready to respond as soon as possible.

In preparation for the storm, EagleView has current, up-to-date aerial imagery captured throughout these regions and is staging our fleet to ensure readiness post-storm to capture high-resolution imagery to aid in rescue and recovery efforts. We are in communication with customers in the anticipated high-impact areas and will continue to provide updates on our disaster response process throughout the coming days. As always, we are here to help our customers respond quickly and determine where help is needed most.

EagleView will share its first images as soon as they become available. Our thoughts are with those in the affected areas.

For more updates on Hurricane Dorian, click here

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