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Estimate Mastery

We help roofing contractors get paid what they should on their insurance related jobs by learning how to leverage the estimating software, Xactimate®.

With Estimate Mastery roofing contractors can:
  • Get paid what you should
  • Get paid faster
  • Stop the back and forth
We Help Roofing Contractors Get Paid What They Should On Their Insurance Related Jobs
  • Education

    We teach how to leverage Xactimate® so that contractors maximize their profits on insurance work.

  • EagleView Integration

    We show how the EagleView integration with Xactimate® can save contractors hours of time

  • Get Paid

    We show how utilizing the EagleView integration can get components on your Xactimate® estimate paid.

Xactimate® Training for Roofing Contractors

Most roofing contractors are self-taught in this industry and never get past the fundamentals of Xactimate®. It’s not an easy task to run a business, deal with insurance companies and use complicated estimating software written for adjusters to use.

Estimate Mastery teaches you to utilize the software to its fullest and make it work for your business. Learn how to use the software the right way, the first time instead of wasting time figuring out what works. 

How to Integrate Xactimate® with EagleView

Utilize the accuracy of EagleView property data within Xactimate® to save you time with your insurance claims.

In this video, we will show you how to integrate Xactimate® with EagleView in under 5 minutes.

Tackle Storm Season Like a Pro
  • On-Demand Training Webinar

    When a storm hits, don’t lose time manually capturing measurements, or sourcing a PDF property report!

    In this webinar we discuss why claims adjusters should utilize EagleView property reports to respond quickly with a claim to calculate and process replacement and repair costs.

How to Order an EagleView Report in Xactimate®

In this video, we show you the steps to order an EagleView reporting through the online or desktop versions of Xactimate®.

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