Certified Imagery for GIS and Planning Professionals


Certified Imagery for GIS and Planning Professionals

Join EagleView’s Professional Practice Group for an in-depth look at the benefits and applications of certified high-resolution orthogonal aerial imagery for GIS and public works professionals.

Learn the process and meet the teams behind two of our popular GIS offerings for orthogonal imagery—Certified Orthomosaics and TrueTouch™.

  • Certified Orthomosaics produce an authoritative orthomosaic image in accordance with state and local requirements (if applicable), and validated for geospatial accuracy by our licensed engineering and surveying teams.
  • TrueTouch™ enhances orthogonal imagery by removing seams and distortions in orthomosaics, enabling teams to accurately view and measure infrastructure elements like roads, bridges, large buildings, and landmarks.

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Participants will learn more about:

  • How EagleView’s surveyed ground control and photogrammetry processes provide for absolute geospatial accuracy
  • How EagleView’s camera technology and imagery processing work to provide for improved clarity and feature recognition
  • Top applications for GIS and Public Works professionals who are using orthogonal imagery and orthomosaics
  • Best practices for writing RFPs for aerial orthogonal imagery
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