November 15, 2013

EagleView Technologies Announces Partnership with Intrado for Pictometry Image Integration

EagleView Technologies, Inc., a leading technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, announced a formal partnership with Intrado®, a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions.  The partnership allows for the integration of Pictometry® Intelligent Imagery® through Intrado MapFlex 9-1-1®, offering 9-1-1 centers across the country the strongest visual aerial intelligence available.

An example of the powerful combination of Intrado and Pictometry recently took place in St. Johns County, Florida.   A web-based solution was deployed to the St. Johns 9-1-1 center enabling responders to view Pictometry imagery through MapFlex 9-1-1 software.

Utilizing the MapFlex 9-1-1 system, dispatchers had access to aerial imagery of the entire county when calls came in.  In addition to sending full dispatch information to first responders, dispatchers were also able to extract imagery of the call location using the built in Pictometry Export Tool.  The imagery is attached to an email sent to an agency device such as an in-car computer or smart phone, providing greatly improved situational awareness.

Along with the enhanced communication capabilities, two other key improvements of the overall system are redundancy and management of critical systems.  With the MapFlex 9-1-1 Pictometry integration, centers can maintain access to critical information and imagery.  The web-based interface allows users to simply log on to gain access.

“The integration of the systems has taken our center to the next level of productivity and response,” stated the St. Johns County 911 Coordinator, Dale Mitchell. “We are proud that we are one of the first PSAPs in the country to deploy this integration.  Using Intrado MapFlex 9-1-1 with the Pictometry imagery has the potential to be ground breaking for our county.”

“The Intrado and Pictometry integration and partnership will offer 9-1-1 centers leading-edge accessibility and situational intelligence for rapid response to all dispatches,” stated Robert Locke, president of Pictometry Government Solutions.  “EagleView is committed to building strong partnerships while extending the accessibility of Pictometry intelligent images nationally.  We know what an important part aerial intelligence plays in public safety.”

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