Total Satisfaction Guarantee

At EagleView our guarantee is quite simple. If our reports or services don’t meet or exceed your expectations for any reason, contact us and your report is FREE. Specifically, we promise to deliver the most accurate and complete roof measurement possible, combined with superior customer service.

Accuracy Guarantee

EagleView Premium and Solar Reports are guaranteed to be more accurate than any other measurement method. If you disagree for any reason, you won’t be charged for the report. How can we guarantee our accuracy? Each Premium and Solar Report goes through a five-step quality control process that allows us to deliver precision accuracy on every report.

Delivery Guarantee

All reports will be delivered to you on or before the estimated delivery date on your order confirmation. If not delivered by that date you will receive your report for FREE. (Delivery Guarantee does not apply during catastrophic or extreme weather situations.)

Service Guarantee

Everything we do is meant to deliver the highest quality customer experience for you. If our service does not meet your expectations in any way, your report is FREE.

That’s our guarantee to you.

If you are not satisfied with your order, we aren’t either. Contact us today at

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