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EagleView ClaimsDo you have the information you need to process property insurance claims?

Insurance carriers can’t always send a claims adjuster to a property—especially after a large-scale catastrophic event. Without up-to-date property information, carriers may wind up overpaying a claim and losing profitability or underpaying and seeing lower customer satisfaction as a result.

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You need to reach fast, accurate, and fair settlements on property claims. With highly detailed and accurate property data, insurance claims adjusters can close claims faster from any location.

From property data reports for one-off claims to post-disaster virtual inspection services, EagleView provides insurance carriers with a variety of virtual claims adjustment solutions. EagleView is reinventing the claims process through access to physically verifiable property data extracted from ultra-high-resolution Reveal™ imagery and machine learning algorithms.


EagleView Claims


Case Studies

Technical Study: Hand Measurement vs. DIY Sketch vs. EagleView Reports

Looking for ways to be more efficient, a large insurance carrier wanted to dig deeper and analyze what the impact would be if they decided to require the use of EagleView reports on every loss.

Large Carrier Sees ROI Using Technology for Siding Claims

When a large national insurance carrier learned about EagleView’s Wall Report, they began adopting the measurements for claims involving damage to siding or windows.

Aerial Measurements Shown to Increase C-SAT

The significance of the EagleView reports becomes evident in C-SAT ratings. Discover the difference EagleView made for one carrier.

Using 3D Aerial Measurement Reports to Increase Efficiency and ROI on Roofing Claims

One major insurance carrier has begun using EagleView reports in all of their roofing claims and has increased their daily claims capacity by 33%.

EagleView® OnSite™

EagleView® OnSite™, the leading solution for virtual property inspection in the insurance industry, provides adjusters with an accelerated, end-to-end claims workflow that is proven to reduce the cycle time of each claim.

EagleView OnSite combines imagery from multiple sources with a variety of data analytics and reports. This powerful solution shows insurance adjusters exactly where damage has occurred, enabling them to begin quickly triaging and processing claims.

Learn how EagleView OnSite can enhance your claims processing operations

EagleView ClaimsReady™ Reports

ClaimsReady™ Reports are designed to help insurance carriers and adjusters prepare precise estimates, drastically reduce supplementals, and close claims faster for increased customer satisfaction. Included in a ClaimsReady Report:

  • Aerial images of the property taken from the top down, north, south, east, and west
  • 3D diagrams of roof length, area, and pitch
  • Measurements for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, drip edge, parapet walls, flashing, and step flashing
  • Wall diagrams from each direction, with window and door measurements (optional)
  • Waste calculation tables and optional Suggested Waste Factor unique to the property
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