Residential Contractors

Residential Contractors

Must-have property data for the roofer’s workflow

Automating manual processes

Residential contractors and roofing industry professionals depend on EagleView’s detailed and accurate structural property measurements to streamline their business processes.

With the help of property measurement reports from EagleView, residential roofing contractors can increase sales closing rates, improve production planning, and increase profitability through time savings and more precise material ordering.

Discover the ROI of EagleView 

Increase sales closing rates, improve production planning, and increase profitability with EagleView PremiumReports



The PremiumReport is available for residential and commercial properties and includes:

  • High-resolution aerial images
  • A 3D diagram of the roof
  • Length, area, pitch, and other measurement data
  • Length diagrams showing color-coded details and total line lengths for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing, and step flashing
  • Notes diagrams
  • A summary page with waste calculations

EagleView Reports for...

Faster estimates

When time is of the essence, residential roofers can enter a bid fast using a QuickSquares™ Report. QuickSquares Reports give contractors the number of squares on a roof, so they can quickly and accurately prepare a competitive estimate. Roofers receive a discount when they upgrade a QuickSquares Report to a PremiumReport.

Siding replacements

Obtain an EagleView Wall Report to see 3D wall area diagrams, window and door cutout measurements, elevation diagrams, and more. This data can be ordered standalone or in addition to a PremiumReport.

Gutter restoration

The GutterReport™ lists eave measurements, downspout counts, and miter corner counts and include the same reliable aerial imagery found in the PremiumReport. Contractors can order the GutterReport as a standalone product or add these measurements to a PremiumReport.

Solar PV system design and installation

For roofers who have branched out into the solar power industry, EagleView offers SunSite™ and SunSite Complete™ Reports, which include measurements and diagrams for optimal solar panel placement.


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