February 22, 2010

AccuLynx Roofing Software Makes Business Management Easier

AccuLynx has many features to help you manage your business better.  They have also succeeded in making their web-based software very easy and simple to use.  AccuLynx can help you create new and manage exiting customers, create diagrams & proposals, manage P.O.s & track your crew, and report on your Sales & Marketing.

Feature Summary:

Customer Resource Management

AccuLynx tracks, generates, searches, and sorts customers by numerous characteristics such as location, date assignments, progress status, and marketing technique used to acquire that customer

Project Estimating

The AccuLynx estimating tool allows you to create an estimate with a profit analysis of the items chosen.  With AccuLynx you will know your estimated profit forecast before presenting your bid.

Schedule Jobs

AccuLynx allows you to see your pending appointments throughout your day without having to check an appointment book.  AccuLynx allows the sharing of calendars with your entire team to keep up to date on everyone’s activities and commitments.

Data Analysis

AccuLynx allows its users to see the margin of a job at the estimate stage, when P.O.s are entered, and after the job is paid in full.  With the ability to analyze profitability throughout the job process, strategic planning, ordering, and billing changes can be adjusted to save costs on every project.

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See how AccuLynx is integrated with EagleView:

EagleView AccuLynx Integration

EagleView is the easiest and safest way to receive roof estimates.  Import EagleView into AccuLynx for professional and accurate roof diagrams.

  1. Order an EagleView report from www.eagleview.com and request that it be sent to you in XML format.
  2. Save the EagleView Report to your PC or laptop (save both XML and PDF formats).
  3. Go to the Customer in AccuLynx that you wish to populate your diagram for.  Click the Diagram tab and Import the Diagram in XML format by choosing the correct file.  Now place your collateral material on the EagleView™ diagram (i.e. vents, soil stacks, skylights, satellites, etc.).
  4. Upload EagleView PDF files for mobile access. Go to the customer in AccuLynx you wish to work with, click on the files tab and upload your EagleView PDF into the proper cabinet.

All of your EagleView Reports are now stored with the corresponding Customer in AccuLynx.  Also, because AccuLynx is web-based, you won’t lose any of your data if your laptop should get lost or stolen.

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