August 21, 2018

Case Study: Roofer Reduces Estimate Costs by 70 Percent with EagleView

Knights Roofing Edmonton AB case study

In the 11 years that Knights Roofing has been in business, Sloped Roofing Manager Allen Shaw has seen all types of jobs.

“We have done everything from houses to schools and hospitals to shopping malls here around the province of Alberta,” Shaw said.

No matter what type of roof they repair or replace, the Edmonton company’s mission is always the same.

“Our goal is to treat each building owner or homeowner as if they are family and do the roof like we would do our own,” said Shaw.

In his role, Shaw is in charge of the estimating staff—all crews and foremen—and the repair staff for all of the sloped roofing division of the business. Shaw and his associates need to get the details right every time. To do so, they order EagleView reports.

Shaw discovered EagleView about 10 years ago at the National Roofing Contractors Association’s annual convention. Back then, in the early days of EagleView, the imagery simply wasn’t available to cover what Knights Roofing needed. At that time, they only ordered EagleView reports about 30 percent of the time.

Today, however, with greater imagery coverage throughout Alberta, EagleView has become standard on most jobs for Knights Roofing.

Discover the benefits that Shaw and his team see with EagleView reports:

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