September 25, 2020

Revolutionizing Virtual Property Inspections: EagleView and Skydio


EagleView’s virtual offices are buzzing with excitement as our latest news brings precision drone technology and artificial intelligence to insurance, construction and government customers. 

Our exclusive partnership with Skydio, the world leader in autonomous flight technology, delivers unparalleled property insights to the industry and marks the largest ever commercial drone deployment. 

New Technology Brings Unmatched Precision

‘EagleView’s images are already 16 times clearer than those of satellites, and with Skydio drones you’ll be able to not only spot a dime on the roof but see the face of Franklin D. Roosevelt stamped on it.’ – Chris Jurasek, EagleView CEO

Customers can take advantage of virtual property inspections that provide the most complete and precise data capture available. The aerial imagery is taken with six fisheye, 4K navigation cameras on Skydio 2 drones, providing unmatched clarity and resolution. Skydio House Scan software takes this a step further by providing an intuitive, autonomous image capture that results in consistent, comprehensive coverage across a property. 

Skydio Drone
The Skydio 2 drone in action

When combined with EagleView’s machine learning capabilities and property analytics, we now offer a virtual inspection solution that is revolutionizing the residential roof inspection market. See what this means if you’re already an EagleView customer or you’re considering our products. 

What Benefits Can Customers Expect? 

‘Together with EagleView we provide insurance carriers, claims adjusters, construction companies, and government bodies with a first-of-its-kind integrated solution that automates the entire inspection process’ – Adam Bry, Skydio CEO

Faster Inspections

Save time and resources on property assessments with a fully automated site inspection. Comprised of multiple high-resolution images, you can review a single roof model down to the individual facet details. 

You’ll feel like you’re assessing the property in-person, despite sitting comfortably at your desk experiencing our intuitive interface. Sit back while data collection and insights are quickly delivered right to your desktop as soon as you need them. A heat map overlay highlights the likely damaged areas so that you can prioritize your review when short on time. 

Efficient Business Processes

The less time employees spend on-site assessing damages or analyzing property imagery, the more your company can reduce total costs. Assessors are empowered to deliver consistent inspections with high-quality, objective property data obtained through Skydio drones. 

You can confidently assess properties the first time, eliminating the need for expensive secondary inspections. Ultra high-resolution drone imagery catches subtle changes to help you make informed decisions across departmental workflows. 

Skydio Drone
With Skydio drone technology, properties can be inspected accurately without getting on the roof

Minimized Safety Risks

Every time an employee climbs on a roof there is a risk of injury or additional damage. Therefore, decreasing the number of times an employee must step foot on a property is in the best interest of your business and your staff. Decreasing the risks of injury improves productivity and reduces the total cost of inspections and claims. 

When it comes to extreme weather events, the safety risks are further heightened by unpredictable conditions and damaged transportation routes. Ensure that employees only do on-site work when they absolutely have to and leave the rest to virtual drone inspections. 

Contact-Free Operations

The no-contact approach to property assessments is even more important in the times of COVID-19. Keep customers’ minds at ease by adhering to social distancing practices while still delivering outstanding customer service and maintaining business operations.

See New Features in Action

We are always striving to bring the best technology to our customers, and the introduction of Skydio to our product offering provides fresh opportunities for your business to streamline processes, cut costs and improve the customer experience. 

If you’re already an EagleView customer, you can contact your sales representative to learn how to experience the latest features. 

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