May 28, 2021

Here Come the May Flowers!


If you were here in April, then you’ve been waiting for Part 2 for the entire month!

For our May Images of the Month, we’re sharing our favorite flower-related images. From greenhouses to flower pots and a flower-shaped home, May is dedicated to honoring the fruits of the April showers.

So, without further ado, please scroll on for all things floral (with a few plants that are too good to pass up) and to check out the past few months if you happened to miss them (or simply need more awesome imagery in your life).

May Images of the Month
We just have to commend whoever arranged these flower pots in such an aesthetically pleasing way. Job well done.
Beautiful plant nursery
The beauty of images like this is the ability to look in 50 different places and spot something different in each! We love the red/pink flowers at the top, though.
These may not *technically* be May flowers, but look at those sharp lines! They must have a great barber.
Road near field
Peep the ‘flower garden’ on the left. Kudos to whoever took the time to make that happen!
Giant Green House
This massive greenhouse leaves much to be desired. Give us a tour already!
Again, this greenery is too stunning not to include. We hope you agree, too!
Plant nursery
We had to include a second greenhouse, since you can see inside to the rows of plants!
There’s about 50 bouquets here – see how many you can find!
And finally, see if you can spot the flower-shaped house! No hints (but the bottom right is a solid place to start).

We hope this small dose of flower nirvana helped you get through your Friday! Don’t forget to circle back in June for more amazing high-resolution aerial imagery, and check out what you may have missed below.

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