August 26, 2013

EagleView® Technologies launches CONNECTAssessment™

(Bothell, Washington, August 20, 2013) –EagleView Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company in aerial imagery, measurements, analytics and GIS solutions, announces the release of CONNECTAssessment™.  A progressive, web-based solution, this software uses Pictometry® aerial imagery, Access Technology and the CONNECT platform to allow tax assessors to view, analyze and detect changes to properties quickly and productively.

Powerful and web-based, CONNECTAssessment provides an analysis platform for reviewing ChangeFinder™ deliverables.  CONNECT™, a well-known Pictometry cloud-based viewing and analytical software, has been enhanced with workflow and change detection functions to create a new platform specifically for assessment.  The enhanced results of this software will be instrumental for users when conducting methodical assessment, assignment and valuation of structures.

Also utilized in this new release is Rapid and Early Access Technology.  These delivery technologies provide imagery to assessment offices within two to three days after disastrous events or ten to 14 days, respectively, with specially tasked flights.  With 74 aircraft capturing imagery across the country on any given day, no other aerial imagery company can offer this type of response.  Rapid Access is critical to emergency management following a catastrophic event, helping county officials with timely disaster response.   Early Access provides assessors with the ability to begin processing property valuations within weeks of imagery capture, enabling them to quickly reevaluate properties and meet tax roll deadlines.

CONNECTAssessment combines Pictometry images with a web-based software interface that creates workflow and visual intelligence.  Assessors will be able to view up-to-date imagery for accurate inspection and valuation using sort functions to view properties by categories such as neighborhood, school district, or by other customer-driven searches.  Using precise building outlines, this saves time and increases productivity by supplying a contextual background of the aerial imagery and ChangeFinder data layers.  Workflow improvements in field inspection, analysis and final completion are all available on one screen while dual-screen viewing capabilities help assessment offices discover previously un-assessed (omitted) property, which helps to ensure that all property owners are paying their equitable portion of taxes.

“We will be demonstrating CONNECTAssessment, utilizing Pictometry imagery combined with ChangeFinder analytics, during the IAAO show,” stated Robert Locke, president of government solutions.  “We are committed to working closely with our customers and partners to identify their needs and, in turn, deliver solutions for desktop review, mobile connectivity and overall workflow needs.”

About EagleView Technologies
EagleView Technologies offers full technology solutions in the GIS, measurement and analytical space utilizing Pictometry imagery and web-based interfaces.  Serving multiple industries, the company leads the market with patented technology in aerial imagery capture and processing and structural measurement reporting using 3D technology.  With millions of images and measurement reports captured and produced, customers rely upon EagleView’s commitment to patent-worthy solutions, Pictometry imagery and proven operations to provide scalable, efficient and highly accurate deliverables.  For more information contact (866) 659-8439 or visit us at or

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