May 30, 2024

Extreme Hurricane Season Forecast Issued Amid Intense Tornado Season; Alerts State and Local Governments to the Need for Better Post-Disaster Solutions 

EagleView Issues Reminder That Its Disaster Response Program is Here to Support Governments Now, and in Wake of Crises .

May 30, 2024 – Rochester, NY – Following NOAA’ s predictions that the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane season will be extreme, EagleView is issuing a reminder to all government customers, and government agencies who may be impacted by severe storms about EagleView’s Disaster Response Program (DRP). DRP is an aerial imagery capture program that can help governments assess damage, assist first responders, and request federal and state funding assistance to support property owners who have suffered damage.  

“The first priority in any scenario is to save human lives,” said EagleView CEO Piers Dormeyer. “But after the immediate threat recedes, there is a complicated process of disaster recovery. Our product is routinely touted by customers as an essential tool and we want to make sure that every government agency that can benefit from it, can apply for access to it.” 

The EagleView Disaster Response Program is an image capture solution for customers of EagleView immediately following severe weather events. At the alert of severe events, EagleView begins planning flight strategies to cover damaged areas as soon as the weather clears, which can be as little as six to twelve hours after damage. Working with customers, the company captures oblique (angled) and orthogonal (top-down) imagery that is then provided to emergency responders, city planners, assessors, and GIS leaders. Those departments utilize the provided imagery to review the extent of the damage quickly and effectively. For customers who have years of data imagery, add-on applications can also tag which properties have been damaged. The entire solution reduces the time and effort required in a crisis scenario to help residents and repair vital infrastructure.  

“We’ve had numerous DRP flyovers this spring due to the extreme tornado season and we are gearing up now for the hurricane season,” said Robert Locke, President of EagleView’s Government practice. “In recent conversations with customers, they’ve said that access to these images has sped up their process by weeks, reduced the number of site visits needed to each damaged property, and helped gather the information necessary to request federal and state funding in a fast, methodical, and trustworthy manner.” 

For more information on EagleView’s DRP program, to make sure you qualify or to sign up, please visit our website.  

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