July 13, 2017

EagleView Makes Breakthrough Advances in Property Insurance Claims and Underwriting Technology

EagleView OnSite™ drone imagery: hail strike identification (left), general wear area identification (right)

Leading provider of aerial imagery and data analytics incorporates OmniEarth machine learning technology to increase efficiency in property claims adjusting.

Bothell, WA (July 13, 2017) — Eagle View Technologies (“EagleView®”), the leading provider of aerial imagery and data analytics for government and private-sector organizations, is advancing its technology-driven solutions through the use of machine learning processes. In April 2017, EagleView acquired OmniEarth, a developer of machine learning technologies and decision-making tools for the water resource management, energy and insurance markets. Through OmniEarth’s machine learning processes, EagleView is increasing the rate at which the insurance industry, in particular, can receive property data to make crucial underwriting and claims decisions.

Bringing OmniEarth technology to the insurance market gives EagleView the ability to quickly detect relevant property characteristics, such as roof shape and condition, to the benefit of property insurance underwriters. Machine learning technologies can also recognize potential property damage after a weather event.


The addition of a dedicated machine learning organization supports EagleView in enhancing its latest solution, EagleView® OnSite™, which delivers high-resolution aerial imagery, data and analytics via a custom software application directly to the claims adjuster’s desk for review following a weather event. The application combines pre-event Pictometry® aerial imagery from EagleView with high-resolution drone imagery captured by EagleView OnSite Solutions representatives.

EagleView is applying machine learning processes to its pre-event Pictometry imagery to identify factors such as roof condition, shape and other features and to annotate potential roof damage captured in post-event images. This, in turn, allows claims adjusters to make decisions from their desks instead of out in the field.

“It’s great to see the pieces coming together,” said Vice President of EagleView OnSite Solutions Ken Cook. “Our end goal is to give our insurance customers a comprehensive solution that simplifies their work day by providing the information needed to accurately and efficiently scope, estimate and settle a claim, and this technology can do just that.”

In the time-sensitive market segment of property insurance claims, the combination of post-event image capture and automated data extraction serves claims adjusters, who must make informed decisions quickly. Machine learning technology will allow EagleView to process imagery with less human intervention, resulting in expedited product delivery.

“We’re excited to offer a positive solution for such a complex and demanding industry,” said Lars Dyrud, Senior Vice President of Machine Learning at EagleView and former President and CEO of OmniEarth. “On their own, high-resolution imagery and machine learning can cause a stir, but bringing them together can create the perfect solution for claims adjusters.”

Through partnerships with drone pilot networks, EagleView OnSite provides a fast and reliable solution for insurance carriers that need imagery immediately after a major storm event to triage claims remotely. The machine learning aspect of EagleView OnSite adds the detection of potential hail damage, leading to faster claims processing, more accurate claims payments and better fraud detection.

“Incorporating machine learning into the current EagleView process will revolutionize every aspect of our business and offer the opportunity to break into new markets as well,” stated Dyrud. “Customers across all industries and agencies will experience accelerated product development, which will create more efficient workflows.”

The addition of machine learning adds immense benefits not only for EagleView’s insurance customers but in its government, construction and energy infrastructure markets as well. This innovative technology will help EagleView expand its services into areas such as water resource management, impervious surface mapping, solar suitability recognition and vegetation mapping capabilities.

For further information, please contact Melissa Mazurek at melissa.mazurek@eagleview.com or at 585-444-2504.

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