The game-changing technology of EagleView Inform™ Advanced represents the next phase in the evolution of EagleView’s remote property and solar measurement solutions.

In addition to a detailed property report derived from EagleView’s high resolution aerial imagery and computer vision, Inform Advanced provides sophisticated shading analysis that will help you design and install the most productive systems.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Streamline your projects from proposal to design to install. You’ll be amazed when you see how much time and money can be saved over today’s manual processes.

Provide Customers With Increased ROI

Use consistent, automated data that eliminates human error and subjectivity so you can design systems that optimize energy production.

EagleView Inform Advanced Datasheet

Shorten Project Cycles by Weeks

Accurate remote measurements mean fewer or no external site visits until installation. And by designing the system right the first time, based on precise, consistent data, you can eliminate change orders that delay projects or even cause cancellations.
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Design Based on Precise Solar Data

The Solar Access Values (SAV) in your Inform Advanced report meet today’s highest standards for accuracy. And EagleView’s technology captures 13-15,000 roof reference points, compared to handheld devices that only collect 15 to 30 datapoints on a roof.

Give Designers Unprecedented Insight

Get complete Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF) values for all roof facets. These values, computed using sophisticated shade analysis that factors in the trajectory of the sun, provide the best insight into where to place solar panels to optimize energy production.

Streamline Design Using Your Program of Choice

Save time with digital file exports for use in popular design programs, including AutoCAD. DXF, JSON, XML and PDF outputs are supported. With just a few clicks, designers can avoid wasting time interpreting and entering field data.

Get Big Impact From a Small Investment

The Inform Advanced report pays for itself multiple times over by helping you streamline operations, reduce costs, and complete jobs faster to gain a competitive advantage. You’ll have more time to focus on winning new customers and growing your business.

EagleView Inform Advanced Sample Report

What our customers have to say

I don’t know of any way in the industry to get a completely accurate design without EagleView Inform.

Ipsun Solar

Joseph Marhamati, Vice-President & CFO, Ipsun Solar