The EagleView Difference

EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery gives organizations the finest level of detail to rapidly make crucial everyday decisions. EagleView imagery (formerly Pictometry) is captured with patented proprietary camera systems that enable you to see the world from multiple perspectives.


Detail as fine as .75 inches ground sample distance—16x higher resolution than satellite


98% coverage of the United States population


Regularly updated imagery to provide current and historical views


Dedicated technical support available to train users and integrate imagery into preferred applications

Oblique Imagery

See the world from different angles

Pioneered by EagleView, oblique imagery is aerial imagery captured at an angle, providing a more natural perspective and making objects easier to recognize and interpret. With imagery captured from four simultaneous directions, we can produce a 360-degree view of every property and parcel. Interact with, measure, and extract data from georeferenced images.

Orthogonal Imagery

A true top-down view

Orthogonal imagery provides a true top-down view and is aligned to a map grid. This imagery easily integrates into your GIS data for a comprehensive understanding of properties, land features, local topography, and more.

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Imagery for Smart Decision


Local and federal government agencies validate property or land features and monitor changes using EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery and data solutions, accessing a rich catalogue of historical imagery of different types and resolution.

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Comprehensive property data and high-resolution aerial imagery can expedite insurance claims processing following a catastrophic event.

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Contractors and construction professionals can identify potential leads and develop preliminary estimates using aerial imagery and virtual property inspection tools.

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Imagery-derived data provides accurate solar measurements, detects changes, helps manage risk, and brings utility lines right to the desktop.

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Disaster Response

EagleView is the only provider of essential pre- and post-event imagery when you need it most. Flexible access options allow response teams to assess and plan time-sensitive strategies in disaster or non-disaster scenarios from their desktop, saving critical time – and lives.

CONNECTExplorer™ Support

EagleView’s aerial imagery helps us maintain our GIS system so we can deliver the best quality data for our customers.

Rafael Cruz, GIS Analyst, Cameron County Emergency Communication District

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