July 31, 2020

Fresh Off the Press – Our July 2020 Images of the Month!


Extra! Extra!

You want ’em, we got ’em. Keep on scrolling to feast your eyes on our favorite images of the month.

First on EagleView’s list: the Commodore Barry Bridge on the Delaware River is the longest cantilever bridge in the United States!
Color gradient
The beauty of EagleView’s aerial imagery – being able to see the color gradient on this Maui beach from above.
Imagine seeing this view out of the window of an airplane – or better yet, from one of EagleView’s fixed-wing aircraft!
A beautifully lush green field; renewable energy sources left and right; what more can you ask for?
And on the flip side, we also love this stunning view of ice formations in Alaska.
Between rock and hard place
At the risk of alerting the pun police – this home is surely stuck between ‘a rock and a hard place’.
The football stadium in Buffalo, New York, looks ready to go for another Bills season – and many in EagleView’s Rochester office can’t wait!
And finally, we can’t stop our jaws from dropping at the red trees in EagleView’s infrared imagery!

Want even more of EagleView’s awesome images? Check out our June 2020 Images of the Month, and don’t forget to come back again in August!

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