Gutter measurements for comprehensive roofing jobs and standalone replacements

Measurements for the gutter system

For roofers who also replace gutters, EagleView offers gutter measurements in the GutterReport™.

Available for both residential and commercial properties with pitched roofs, the GutterReport is typically delivered within 48 hours after an order is placed.

With accuracy based on the same high-resolution aerial images used in the PremiumReport™, the GutterReport can be ordered standalone or along with other EagleView roof measurement reports.


The GutterReport is suited for:

  • Rainy areas where roof rot and leaky attics are common
  • Complete roofing and home rehab projects
  • Standalone gutter replacements and upgrades

The GutterReport is available for both residential and commercial properties and provides:

  • Aerial images of the property from the top down and from the north, south, east, and west
  • Eave measurements
  • Miter corner count
  • An estimated downspout count
  • Total number of stories by direction
  • An optional cover page that can be customized with a company logo and information

The optional cover page turns the report into a professional presentation tool that can lead to increased sales closing rates and give contractors a professional edge over their competitors.


GutterReport Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Residential $12 $12 $12 Call for pricing.
Multi-family $20 $20 $20 Call for pricing.

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